Parts supply



Our partnership with leading engine manufacturers in Europe and across the Atlantic allows us to give a special place to the robustness and sustainability of materials.
Power up to 1500 horsepower



Again, we source only from world experts, whose expertise is recognized by all.

  • Electrical power up to 2500 kVA.

50 or 60 Hertz for deployment according to American or European network in low or medium voltage depending on the type of distribution.


Tooling kits

To facilitate on-site maintenance by the operator, we provide specific tooling kits tailored to our machines and the configurations implemented.

  • Electrical and mechanical tooling kits available

Spare parts

Spare parts for engines, alternators … we make a point of finding the original part manufacturer for you and not its compatible and adaptable equivalents. Thanks to the computerized management of our stock and a large number of references always available, we deliver quickly the spare part to ensure a minimum downtime of your equipment.

The + : Kapi Koncept provides detailed installation instructions for a smart and truly ready-to-use space parts provision.