Base camp

The production of electricity is the key point of an isolated base camp, disconnected from all electrical networks. From this depends all services necessary for the daily operation such as :

Catering, wells for water supply, the treatment of wastewater, heating or air conditioning, communication systems and internet, laundry, cleaning … All activities necessary for the day to day of the men on base camp; whether located on an oil platform offshore in Arctic scientific expedition in mining plant in Africa or on a military mission in the desert.

How ? The production and continuous supply of energy. Kapi Koncept provides its know-how to companies specialized in base camp management to facilitate their business and their missions by ensuring the electricity production 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, even in the remotest areas.

Kapi Koncept key reference :

  • the power supply of a base camp in Kosovo responding to professional and personal daily needs of more than 1,000 men on field since 2006.
  • Kapi Koncept is able to respond to tenders, positioning themselves either by group or by subcontracting.