Who are we ?

Founded in December 2000, Kapi Koncept is a company specialized in the production of electrical energy, either as isolated generators or power stations, to sites or base camps removed, in extreme environment, disconnected from all networks Power.

Military base life, offshore oil platform, mining, climate disasters … we work for the military and industrial sectors, wherever the need exists for energy production; but also in emergency situations (climate disasters, etc.)

With our story experience in the military, we develop our skills in the field of energy supply bases for life and of the navy.


What makes us different?

We go everywhere

Our employees accompany you, worldwide, to ensure that your installation runs continuously. Kapi Koncept is able restrained to send teams and equipment on site in timing and extreme environments with maximum availability.

We design custom-made primarily

We are conducting a careful and rigorous study to offer you unique operational solutions tailored to your needs and context of use (dust, altitude, high temperatures, etc.) with focused attention from manufacturing to maintenance and the sustainability of the facilities.

We provide ready-to-use solutions

From diagnosis to technical assistance and maintenance, through the design, commissioning and training, Kapi Koncept provides a global and flexible support to its customers to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of all types of electrical installations.

The + : for the sake of optimized and effective exchanges with our customers, we dedicate a single project manager to each of them.